1. Us IRL: A status update on the status update (by Kevin Loker)

    A former professor asked me to talk about my research and why I thought it was important. I was in San Francisco for ONA12, but I happily obliged. Here is what I had to say.

  2. I have a smartphone, too. Walking on sidewalks, in stores and malls, and maybe in a crosswalk sometimes I’m using my cellphone. But I try to stay connected to my environment. I never thought the government needed to cite me for using my cellphone in a reasonable manner.

    Pedestrians distracted by electronic devices stumble into danger, raising safety concerns - The Washington Post

    A proposed ordinance on using distracting devices like cellphones while crossing tracks of the Salt Lake City light rail system may not have passed a semi-scoffing Utah Legislature, but when Philly officials taped an “e-lane” for distracted pedestrians, some didn’t think it was a joke.

    It’s obvious that a wide range of folks walk and text, walk and tweet, walk and Facebook post, and walk and search for funny cats. But how serious is not distracted driving, but distracted texting? And what’s the government’s role in what we use and how we use it while we walk in public?

    This is a nice WaPo piece that touches on government regulation for the purposes of public safety. I’d be interested to see another piece on public attitude. How do people feel about everyone walking and smartphone-using? And what effects does that have on how people in a city like DC get along and do things like empathize with others?

    Bonus: How does smartphone use while walking in public affect community in a city not like DC, but instead one like small-town South Dakota?

  3. One of the last things Chance Bothe texted before his crash nearly happened to him. He was having an argument with his friend via text when he typed, “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.”
  4. (via Aziz Ansari Standup - Texting with Girls (Dangerously Delicious Preview) from Aziz Ansari)

    Always nice when a funny video lines up with your research interests. 

  5. (via Zits « ArcaMax Publishing)
I love how this comic stript routinely reflects issues of technology and communication.

    (via Zits « ArcaMax Publishing)

    I love how this comic stript routinely reflects issues of technology and communication.